Song Dynasty Collectibles

Song dynasty

Asian Art SHARE The Song Dynasty, which lasted from 960 to 1279, was a period of great cultural and artistic achievement in China. Its rulers brought stability and prosperity to the empire, allowing the arts to flourish. One of the most popular forms of art during this period was the creation of collectibles. Collectibles from […]

What is considered Asian Art?

Asian Art

Fine Art SHARE Asian art is a vast and eclectic category that encompasses the artistic traditions of various regions across the continent of Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia. Generally, Asian art is characterized by intricate detail, symbolism, and a close relationship with nature. However, it is important to note that there […]

Asian Art finds and info

Asian art

Asian Art, Objects, & Furnishings What Exactly Is Asian Art? Asian art typically consists of items from China, Korea, Japan, India, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East that have significance. It would include items such as ceramics, textiles, screens and paintings and prints, sculptures, bowls, baskets, and even clothing and jewelry. Older items carry much […]

Asian Art

Asian art

All Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale, (public or private) and auction of all types of Asian Art.  Whether it be sculptures and carvings, paintings, screens, ceramics, furniture, wall decorations, rugs, or other objects, we have collectors, investors, and individuals always interested in opportunities.   Artists that we have a history with include, but […]





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