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I was very hesitant to use an estate sale company to liquidate my husband’s collectibles. I am so glad, that after several months of searching the internet, consulting friends, and considering all pros and cons, I chose an Austin company with 30 years of experience. And so I met Matt, one of the friendliest and most helpful individuals, I have had the pleasure to meet in 7 decades. Matt definitely knows the business. He suggested to add my items to an already scheduled sale for maximum profits. And maximum profits he got. The proceeds were beyond me expectations. I am so thankful that Matt relieved me of the tremendous burden of having to sale the items myself. He handled everything in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. With a staff that is helpful beyond imagination, I can’t but highly recommend All Estate Sales to everyone in need of any of their many services.
Ellen Bittick
Austin TX
Catherine, Matt and their crew were the best choice for us to handle this sale.  They were very supportive and caring and did such an amazing job. It wasn't easy ending this chapter of my life but in the few short days it took I felt like I had made two friends, not just some company we hired to handle everything. Again, terrific people!  Thank you for making these last 10 days as peaceful for me as you did. 
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Heidi B.
Thank you, All Estate Sales Team. After interviewing several estate sale teams it seemed your company had the most options for my estate and higher end items that needed special attention. I appreciate all the hard work and professionalism that you and your staff showed us during this difficult time. And we are very pleased with the revenue created by your diversity and ability to sell online to a larger audience. Keep up the good work. You are a great service. K.S Austin ,TX
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Austin Texas
We recently found ourselves in a situation of needing to fully liquidate the contents of a home we had purchased. All Estate Sales & Auction Company stepped in on short notice and not only held a very successful estate sale, but were able to provide the nescessary services for renovation of the home. All Estate has the expertise, flexibility, professionalism and care needed to provide these services. They are truly an "all-encompassing" service provider. I would recommend them to anyone finding themselves with such needs in possibly a very difficult time.
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Sandy Bernette
Spicewood Texas
We recently had a full liquidation estate sale for a dearly departed family member. This was a very overwhelming and difficult process for myself and I am truly grateful for All Estate Sales & Auction Company. We had many high-end antiques and artwork that I feel we were able to get top dollar for in the sale. If you are looking for someone who is clean, efficient, considerate and extremely knowledgeable about value and pricing, Any Era/ All Estate Sales is your choice.
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Austin Texas
All Estate Sales & Auction Company Austin Texas helped me to liquidate my family's estate. They are family owned and operated business who is very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend them to anyone needing help during the difficult time of this task. Thank you, B. Goss We love All Estate Sales and Auction Company Austin. Thank you so much. My sister and I think you guys are angels. After my dad's suicide and us living in Washington and Denver we were lost. Your team took control of a very difficult time and did everything we needed by holding an onsite estate sale and mailing us our check along with helping us find a realtor who was also amazing long distance. You were angels for us. Thanks again Tammy and Tawna
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Tammy and Tawna
Our Mom & Dad owned a lot of antiques and much was stored in the garage for several years. We didn't the volume until they both passed away. All Estate Sales And Auction Company researched, categorized, and photographed every piece to create an inventory. They were able to get top dollar for everything by selling to collectors nationwide where as we thought everything would just be sold locally. We were so glad we went with All Estate Sales instead of another firm who was just going to have a typical sale out of our home. Alex and her staff were fantastic. I highly recommend them for anything to do with antiques, collectibles, or liquidation.
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A. Serna & Family
All Estate Sales & Auction Company Austin Texas helped me to liquidate my family's estate. They are family owned and operated business who is very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend them to anyone needing help during the difficult time of this task. Thank you, B. Goss
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B. Goss
Our experience with All Estate Sales was tremendously helpful. We had decided to close our home staging business and were facing the daunting task of selling eight storage units of home furnishings, art, and accessories. We contacted All Estate Sales with no knowledge of how the process works, and Catherine, the owner, responded within minutes, immediately putting our minds at ease by letting us know her company could help us. Alexandra expertly managed our sale which occurred over the course of several months and included onsite, offsite and online sales. It was a big job, and it was handled smoothly with a focus on maximizing our profit. Thanks Catherine and Alexandra! - Buck D & Kevin P, STAGE We appreciate your and Alexandra's help.
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