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Fine Art, Sculptures, Drawings, Photography

We have been selling and auctioning fine art, sculptures and other high value treasures for over 35 years.  Our world-wide data base of collectors aids us in global exposure and quick but lucrative sales on behalf of our clients. Whether it’s a single piece of art or an entire collection, we work to obtain the highest returns and of course we manage everything from initial inventory, to valuation, to final sale. For fine art, and other high value items like fine jewelry and classic cars, the process is handled by senior management to insure seamless and flawless transactions.    

High Value Items

Fine art and other high value items such as fine jewelry and classic cars are not typically sold at our estate sales.  Instead these special items are sold or auctioned under separate cover. We market the pieces or collections world wide to expose our clients items to the most serious collectors and investors. Our  clients can have complete confidence that their items are being offered to the right people for the proper return. 

See how our 30 years of experience can work for you. 

fine art

About Fine Art

Fine art can be paintings, sculptures, architectural pieces, drawings, photography, and even music and poetry. Fine art also include film, video, sequential art, conceptual art, or printing.

Typically the types of fine art we see are paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, and graphics, but we have contacts for selling everything. 

We find that the needs of each client are unique so please contact us for a free consultation. Often an estate sale is not the only or best option. It is our pleasure to advise our clients what we believe is the best most lucrative option for them.  

As we are accustom to working with high net worth clients, confidentially is never a problem.  Let us know how we can best serve you.   



It is paramount that no one should ever hire a firm that is not licenced, properly insured, and bonded.  

No one should ever hire an estate firm without first verifying that they have adequate liability insurance commensurate with the value of your estate.   

We hold significant liability insurance but can increase our limits for very high net worth estates if needed.  In fact, in every applicable case we will do so without our clients even having to ask.  We are forward thinking and due to our 30 years in the business we know what it takes to have successful transactions. 

During estate sales we always provide security for every day of the sale.  

No one should ever hold an estate sale without adequate security.  


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fine art

References available upon request, but please review our testimonial page for an analysis of our usual excellent service. 





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