For many years antiques were the most sought after items at our estate sales.  Antique furnishings, antique jewelry, antique collectibles, and alike.

Although we always have antique dealers lined up to be first in line for our estate sales, people seeking vintage items are becoming an even bigger group.

Vintage furniture, vintage jewelry, vintage clothing, vintage handbags and accessories seem to be the most desired.  Vintage designer items like vintage Chanel, vintage Valentino, etc., are in such demand, sale price is no longer a consideration of buyers. People will buy regardless of cost. We constantly receive calls from people wanting to be notified when a sale with vintage items is scheduled and we are happy to oblige for the benefit or both buyers and sellers.

Vintage furniture
Vintage Hermes beach towel
Vintage Chanel earrings
Vintage tables

Vintage Hermes Beach Towel $395

Vintage Chanel Earrings $1100.00

Vintage Walnut Side Tables $500




Vintage Hermes blanket
Vintage light fixtures
Vintage Barcellona Chair

Vintage Hermes Blanket $3800

Vintage Brass Sconces $500

Barcelona Chair $400




1966 Ford Mustang

Mint condition, Original owner, 99k miles, $35,000.00

Vintage Clothing

Clothing produced before the 1920s is typically referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to present day is typically considered vintage. Retro, short for retrospective, usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. Reproduction clothing is a newly made copy of an older garment. 

Most of the vintage clothing we see has been previously worn, but a small percentage of pieces have not. Obviously these are more valuable than those that have been worn, especially if they have their original tags. Occasionally for designer items, even if the item has the tags attached or not, some sellers even have the original receipts.  This is almost always true for high profile designer handbags.

Vintage Designer Items

Vintage designer items (and vintage furnishings) are the most desired items and typically buyers are extremely happy with their returns. 

People speculate the high demand for vintage designer items is because so many products now-a-days are made in China and lack the classic style that vintage items have. Vintage Chanel earrings and handbags can bring very high returns its no wonder collectors will stand in line for hours to have the first opportunity to buy.  It is typical that Chanel earrings easily sell for $1000.00 or more and designer handbags can sell for several thousand.      

Vintage and Classic Cars

Who doesn’t love vintage cars?  The price of these vehicles has sky-rocked in past years and for good reason. The price of new cars has increased as well!  We’ve seen people move to homes with more garage space just to house their vintage vehicles, even though they had enough interior living space!  Vintage Mercedes and vintage Corvettes seem to be in a class all their own and of course the vintage Ferrari is reserved for the ultra rich.  

Even a vintage car that is rusted and doesn’t start still has may have significant value so contact us for a valuation before selling on your own.  We have experts standing by to offer their assistance.  Often we have buyers in Europe that will buy cars sight unseen (or by photo) and we take care of all the details and shipping of course.

Vintage Furnishings

Vintage furniture and furnishings are always a positive transaction for both buyer and seller.

Our buyers of vintage furnishings are typically collectors, interior designer, or individuals seeking pieces for their personal home.  Reupholsering lounge chairs like shown here are a perfect example of bringing vintage furnishings back to life, and often even better than before!  Chairs of this quality in todays market would be quite costly so its win-win for both our buyers and sellers of vintage furnishings.    

Walnut furniture is also in high demand.  Cocktail tables, end tables, dining room tables, and even Walnut bowls are always quick sellers.  

If you are a buyer or seller of vintage items, especially cars, watches, furnishings, or designer items contact us for more information.

vintage jewelry






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