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All Estate Sales and Auction Company has been the premier source for Texas art for over 30 years.

Texans love their heritage and it is reflected in the art of Texas in a big way. It is known nationwide that everything is bigger and better in Texas and Texas art is no exception. 

As Texans love their heritage and proudly wear their patriotism to the state and country on their sleeves and in their hearts, they also love to display it in their homes.

In our estate sales you can regularly find classic examples of Texas art, both patriotic theme, and creations of the beautiful sights and landscapes of the state. Landmark cities, ranches, cattle, oil wells, big horns, sheriffs and lawmen badges, rodeos, real cowboys and their boots, and more. Real life depicted in wall art and also in fine art such as a Remington bronze statue or sculpture. 

Why Chose Us?

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our 30 years of experience in Texas art and fine art. 

We have experts standing by to provide no cost valuations for all types of art. Most often valuables such as art are sold long before the estate sale even takes place.  We usually handle the sale of art and other valuables separately.  We market them internationally for the best return for our Texas clients. 


Texas Art
Texas art

See what 30 years of experience can do for you.

Security, licensed and bonded of course.

We always provide security at all our estate sales regardless of the size of the sale. The security of our clients home and estate is paramount to All Estate Sales and Auction Company and we are proud that in 30 years of service we have never had any type of security breach.

In preparation of all estate sales we document, inventory, and organize everything and with art and other high value items this is done with managements supervision and extreme care.  Additionally we are always respectful of our clients homes and belongings.

Please contact us for more details and see our testimonials page for reviews and feedback from some of our actual clients.   

We have buyers for all types of Texas art.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, contact us for a free consultation.
Texas Art


Texas art
Texas flag art
Texas art

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