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art glass

Everyone loves to find art glass at our Austin estate sales.

What makes art glass to collectible? Many things. The quality, the craftsmanship, it’s handmade appreciation, it’s history, origin, and beauty, for starters. The artist also plays a big roll in value as well. Art glass from Italy is the most high profile, collectible, and valuable.

The more unusual the better?

More often than not, the more unusual the piece, the higher chance it could be of value.  This isn’t how the serious collectors evaluate their investments but it’s served me well and my decor for years!  Naturally looking for the artist signature etched on the bottom is the first thing to check so even people without years of experience can pick up a designer vase or bowl at an estate sale. 

art glass

To me, Venini is the grand Poobah of art glass. It is still produced to this day but at a much lower quantity than in days gone by. The quality is still wonderful as well as the classic designs. If my home is ever on fire, my Venini vase is in the top 10 things I would grab…plus its right by the front door. 

Other names to watch for at Austin estate sales are Frotelli Toso, Archimede Seguso, Vittorio Rigattieri, Cenedese, Barbini, Fulvio, Dino Martins, Fenicio, Campili, Malvino Pavanello, and of course Murano.

Purchase, love, consign, repeat.

If you are thinking of selling a collection of art glass, contact us for assistance. We have multiple ways of ensuring you receive the best return possible. Auction, private sale, consignment, and more. 

Art Glass

New, vintage, and antique Art Glass is commonly found at our estate sales. 

Items we regularly curate are ashtrays, cigar ashtrays, bowls, vases, paperweights, and sculptures.

Occasionally however we will see lamps, chandeliers, windows, and wall art.

What is Art Glass?

Art glass is an item made of glass as a form of art and often for use. It is often combined with other materials and there are many special techniques that are used to create a wide range of looks and values.

The oldest technique in working with glass is glassblowing. It involves heating glass in a furnace, gathering the heated glass on the end of a blowpipe and blowing it into shape. 

The two other methods are  casting, and lamp working.

Casting glass involves pouring molten glass into a mold, and allowing it to melt in a furnace and the  lamp work (or flame work) technique involves heating pencil thin glass canes and fusing them over an open flame using a torch, tweezers, and other small tools.

Murano glass is a commonly used term.  It is simply art glass that was made on the Venetian Island of Murano Italy which has produced glassware for centuries. 

art glass lamps
art glass

Some of the special techniques used that people like most are Bullicante and Sommerso.

The Bullicante effect is the techniques  where small air bubbles are trapped in the inside in a controlled fashion.  It is done by placing a piece of molten glass inside a metallic mold with spikes that cause the bubbles.  After it’s cooled the whole piece is submerged in glass again creating a second layer that  completely covers the first one.  This technique is highly desirable and very popular today.

Sommerso is another common and highly desirable technique which in Italian means “submerged”.

This technique is when several layers of colored glass are used that give the illusion that the colored glass is layered on top of each other without the colors mixing. This is done by repeatedly immersing the piece in pots of different colored molten glass waiting for it to cool in between the layers. 

What makes these types of pieces valuable is that there is no margin for error.  If a mistake is made the artist must start over.  It is easy to see how only true experts create these treasures and how their values are warranted.   

Two of the most famous glassmakers are Paolo Venini and Seguso d’Arte. It was these artists who elevated these techniques around  1950’s.  Later gold leaf, minerals, and controlled bubbles were added which gave the pieces even more beauty. 

art glass
art glass
art glass
art glass
art glass
art glass sommerso
art glass
art glass
art glass
art glass

Some of the most sought after artists are;

Venini, Seguso, Murano, Holmegaard Per Lutken, Flavio Poli, Fratelli Toso, Pino Signoretto, Dino Rossini, Fucina Degli Angeli, Dino Martins, Barovier, and Gino Cenedese.

If you are a buyer or seller of Art Glass contact us.  If you are a seller we can get top dollar for your collection or single items. If you are a buyer contact us so we can enter you in our data base of buyers.

Our 30 years of service in the Austin Texas area gives clients the confidence to trust us with their treasures.  We are licenced and bonded of course and should an estate sale be applicable, we always provide security all days of the event.

Please review our testimonials for reviews from some of our actual clients.    

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