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What Exactly Is Asian Art?

Asian art typically consists of items from China, Korea, Japan, India, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East that have significance. It would include items such as ceramics, textiles, screens and paintings and prints, sculptures, bowls, baskets, and even clothing and jewelry. Older items carry much greater value for example items from the Tang dynasty are typically reserved for museums and the most serious collectors. 

Asian art can also be categorized by Buddhist art, Cambodian art, Chinese art, Indian art, Indonesian art, Japanese art, Korean art, Tibetan art, Thai art, Vietnamese art,  Filipino art, etc.

In today’s modern time asian art has become extremely popular for highlighting interior decor.  From the most expensive rare pieces, to the rattan baskets found at Target, both have the sense of calm that decorators and homeowners like to enjoy in their homes.   

Exterior planters from Vietnam are desirable whether old or new and Chinese ceramic jars and baskets seem to sell off quickly when they are a part of our estate sales. Collectors who follow us are often the lucky beneficiaries of asian art from our sellers.

Asian art
Asian art
Asian art

If you have any pieces that you suspect might be of value, don’t hesitate to call on us for a free valuation. Putting art on consignment is a great option if you are not in a great hurry to sell. This way we can work to find just the right buyers. We can also arrange for your goods to be auctioned with world wide reach. Either way, we will work to satisfy your particular situation.   





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