Harvey Littleton Art Glass

Harvey Littleton

Art Glass SHARE Harvey Littleton was an American glass artist who played a significant role in revolutionizing the modern art world. Born in 1922 in Corning, New York, Littleton grew up surrounded by glass due to his father’s work at Corning Glass Works and, naturally, developed an interest in the material. Littleton initially pursued a […]

What art glass is most valuable?

art glass

Fine art SHARE Art glass refers to the creation of decorative objects made from glass. It takes a special kind of skill to turn molten glass into stunning works of art. Art glass has become increasingly valuable as it has become more in demand around the world. Some of the most valuable art glass brands […]

Art Glass

art glass

Memorabilia SHARE Art glass is a highly valuable form of glass that is created by skilled artists and craftsmen. There are different techniques used to create art glass, including blown glass, kiln-formed glass, and fused glass. The final product often features intricate patterns, vivid colors, and unique shapes. Art glass has many uses, including as […]

Art Glass

art glass

Art Glass Everyone loves to find art glass at our Austin estate sales. What makes art glass to collectible? Many things. The quality, the craftsmanship, it’s handmade appreciation, it’s history, origin, and beauty, for starters. The artist also plays a big roll in value as well. Art glass from Italy is the most high profile, […]





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