Art Glass

art glass

Everyone loves to find art glass at our Austin estate sales.

What makes art glass to collectible? Many things. The quality, the craftsmanship, it’s handmade appreciation, it’s history, origin, and beauty, for starters. The artist also plays a big roll in value as well. Art glass from Italy is the most high profile, collectible, and valuable.

The more unusual the better?

More often than not, the more unusual the piece, the higher chance it could be of value.  This isn’t how the serious collectors evaluate their investments but it’s served me well and my decor for years!  Naturally looking for the artist signature etched on the bottom is the first thing to check so even people without years of experience can pick up a designer vase or bowl at an estate sale. 

art glass

To me, Venini is the grand Poobah of art glass. It is still produced to this day but at a much lower quantity than in days gone by. The quality is still wonderful as well as the classic designs. If my home is ever on fire, my Venini vase is in the top 10 things I would grab…plus its right by the front door. 

Other names to watch for at Austin estate sales are Frotelli Toso, Archimede Seguso, Vittorio Rigattieri, Cenedese, Barbini, Fulvio, Dino Martins, Fenicio, Campili, Malvino Pavanello, and of course Murano.

Purchase, love, consign, repeat.

If you are thinking of selling a collection of art glass, contact us for assistance. We have multiple ways of ensuring you receive the best return possible. Auction, private sale, consignment, and more. 





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