Important Antiques All Estate Sales & Auction Company defines Important antiques as extraordinary items, potentially one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, museum quality, with unmatched quality. They are the rarest and most sought after items in the world and typically, but not always, connected to important historical importance. Items from the Pinner Qing Dynasty,  Medici dynasty, and Tang Dynasty […]

Why does everyone love our Austin estate sales?


Q: Why do people love our Austin estate sales? A: Because of all the great stuff! All Estate Sales and Auction Company is an extension of everything Austin Texas represents.  Great people, great real estate, love of country, appreciation of art, sports, and more.   Via our 35 year track record, people have come to know […]

Impressive Antique Restorations

estate sale stove

Q: Why Do People Love Our Austin Estate Sales? A: Because of all the great stuff! We recently had a client who had an antique stove, that worked well, but wasn’t fitting in with the rest of the decor in her home. She was about to dispose of it, until we determined it was valued […]





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