Q: Why Do People Love Our Austin Estate Sales?

A: Because of all the great stuff!

estate sale stove

We recently had a client who had an antique stove, that worked well, but wasn’t fitting in with the rest of the decor in her home. She was about to dispose of it, until we determined it was valued at about $7500.00 as is.

These stoves may not be everyone’s dream but there’s a market for them across the United States and people are willing to pay top dollar. Additionally they are not scared off by shipping fees.

A professional restoration can run $750 but it will look brand new once done. If you want a change in color, no problem, professional restoration firms can have all or parts of the stove powder coated or painted any colors you wish. 

Next time you come across an old antique stove, take a second look, it could be a worthwhile investment.     

People love our estate sales in Austin, Fredericksburg, Dripping Springs, Lakeway, and surrounding areas because of all the great treasures.  Especially antiques, fine art, jewelry, designer goods, Art Glass, and classic cars. 

We have regular clients at our estate sales that are only seeking antiques. Especially antique furniture made of wood. Recently the interest in ‘Card Catalogues” has skyrocketed due to it’s industrial nature as well as its functionality. Yes, the drawers are great for putting the remote away as well as the crossword puzzle and your readers!    


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estate sales
estate sales

If your interested in having an estate sale, business liquidation, or just want to liquidate a collection, a collectible, or antiques, contact us for a free consultation. We have special expertise in fine art, fine jewelry, classic cars, and other high value items.





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