James Robinson

James Robinson

Fine Art SHARE James Robinson is a talented artist based in Texas. Born in Fort Worth, he has been exhibiting his art for over a decade. His work is a beautiful combination of abstract expressionism and modernism. James is known for his vibrant use of colors and intricate patterns that are used to create depth […]

Clark Kelley Price

Clark Kelley Price

Fine Art/Texas Art SHARE Clark Kelley Price is an artist known for his stunning depictions of the American West and its people. He was born in 1949 in Idaho, but spent many of his formative years in Texas, where he developed a passion for the history and culture of the state. Price’s most famous works […]

Art by Cruz Ortiz

Cruz Ortiz

Fine Art SHARE Cruz Ortiz is a Texas-based artist who specializes in various mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and performance. He was born in 1972 in Houston and grew up in the city’s West Side, which has influenced his artistic style, depicting the vibrancy, energy, and diversity of Chicano culture. Ortiz received his […]

Top Texas Art Collectors

Top Art Collectors

Fine Art SHARE Texas is home to some of the most impressive art collections in the world. From modern American artists to ancient European antiquities, these collections are treasured by their owners and appreciated by art lovers worldwide. One of the most notable Texas art collectors is Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart founder Sam […]

Frederic Sackrider Remington

Frederic Sackrider Remington

Fine Art SHARE Frederic Sackrider Remington was an American painter, sculptor, and illustrator whose artwork continues to be highly valued by collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. Remington was born in 1861 in Canton, New York, and began his career as an illustrator, contributing to well-known publications such as Harper’s Weekly and Scribner’s Magazine. […]

Western American Art

western art american

Fine Art SHARE Western American art is a visual representation of the American West, often depicting landscapes, wildlife, cattle ranching and Native American culture. The art genre began in the mid-19th century as settlers expanded westwards and sought to capture the beauty of their surroundings. The values reflected in Western American art are diverse, reflecting […]

Frank Tenney Johnson

Frank Tenney Johnson

Fine Art SHARE Frank Tenney Johnson was an American painter who lived from 1874-1939. Johnson is known for his Western art, particularly for his depictions of cowboys, horses, and landscapes of the American West. His paintings are highly valued for their authenticity and sense of motion, as well as their stunning use of light and […]

Fredrick Remington Bronze Statues

Fredrick Remington Bronze Statue

Fine Art SHARE The American West has always been a major symbol of American culture in terms of its history, heritage, and landscape. Amongst the most celebrated figures of this western narrative is the renowned artist Frederic Remington. Remington, an accomplished artist, sculptor, writer, and illustrator, was best known for his depictions of the American […]

Bette Lou Voorhis Art

Bette Lou Voorhis

Fine Art SHARE Bette Lou Voorhis was a talented Texas artist who spent her life capturing the natural beauty of Texas landscapes through her paintings. She was born in 1915 in Houston, Texas, and grew up in a family that loved art. Her parents encouraged her to explore her talents, and as a result, she […]

Texas Art

Texas Art

Fine Art SHARE Texas art has a rich history and value that has been recognized and appreciated by art enthusiasts around the world. From the early days of indigenous art forms to the modern day installations and exhibitions, Texas has developed a vibrant art scene that has something to offer to everyone. One of the […]





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