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Marcel Breuer


Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian-born modernist architect and furniture designer who is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures of the mid-century design movement. Throughout his career, Breuer was known for his innovative use of materials and his commitment to designing objects that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

One of Breuer’s most recognizable designs is the Wassily Chair, which he created in 1925 while he was a student at the Bauhaus in Germany. The Wassily Chair was revolutionary in its use of bent tubular steel, which allowed Breuer to create a chair that was both lightweight and comfortable while also being visually striking. The chair was named after Wassily Kandinsky, a fellow Bauhaus professor and friend of Breuer’s.

Another iconic design by Breuer is the Cesca Chair, which he created in 1928. The Cesca Chair is made of a simple metal frame that is bent and then wrapped in woven cane or rattan. The chair’s minimalist design and use of natural materials has made it a favorite among mid-century furniture enthusiasts, and it remains popular to this day.

Breuer also designed a number of pieces for Knoll, the American furniture company that he co-founded in the 1930s. One of the most famous of these designs is the Breuer Lounge Chair, which was introduced in 1931. The Breuer Lounge Chair features a simple, tubular steel frame and padded cushions that are both comfortable and visually pleasing.

In addition to his furniture designs, Breuer was also an accomplished architect. He is perhaps best known for his work on the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, which he designed in collaboration with fellow architect Pier Luigi Nervi.

Today, Breuer’s designs remain highly sought after by collectors and designers alike. His timeless aesthetic and innovative use of materials continue to inspire new generations of designers, who look to Breuer as a role model for excellence in craftsmanship and design.





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