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Estate Sales
Austin Texas

Fine Art

Fine art and fine jewelry is one of our primary areas of focus.  We started over 35 years ago as a nationwide art dealer, but due to demand, we recognized the need for resale assistance with fine jewelry, fine furnishings, designer items, guns, weapons, and other collectibles.

Guns and Weapons

Whether you have a large or small collection of weapons, guns and ammo, or just a few valuable pieces, we can assist you in resale. Smith & Wesson, revolvers, auto-mag’s, shot guns, Colts, and pistols are all types we commonly curate for our Austin clients.

Farm Equipment

We can resell all types of farm equipment such as tractors, balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, sprayers, trailers, hitches, tools, and tool sheds. From a small modest farm to hundreds of acres, we can arrange public or private sales, consignment, or auctions.


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Austin Estate Sales

As we have been headquartered in Austin for over 35 years we are familiar with the type of service our Austin neighbors require. We know each client is different so depending on each situation, we may recommend and utilize private sale, public sale, consignment, or auction for some or all of your items.  Or a traditional estate sale may be best. For these reasons, we always offer free consultations to all our current and potential clients. 

No job too big or too small.

We earn high returns for Texas art, native american collectibles, & more.

We are Austin’s #1 choice of estate sales, auctions, and consignments. We’ve seen it all, and can appraise and sell just about anything. Rare, one of a kind items, or museum quality items are never a problem.


Why Chose Us?

We are a great match for so many different types of sales.

Whether it’s art by G. Harvey or Bette Lou Voorhis, fine jewelry by Cartier, Van Cleef & Aprels, or Black Star and Frost, coin collections, stamp collections, native american collectibles, or a house or gallery full of antiques, we have the expertise to quickly evaluate goods, get projects started, and produce monetary results.

We can provide clients with an estimated value of their items, then work to market their goods to the most lucrative groups of buyers. We may have investors or collectors right here in Austin or half way around the world. Either way, we take care of the entire price from start to finish including shipping and transportation if necessary. 

We are not like the average estate sale company. It is true we hold estate sales weekly, but we offer much more exposure than what a local sale would typically generate. We regularly market items outside the traditional estate sale environment to maximize the possibility of the higher returns. 

If a client does not have the luxury of time we have methods of marketing items for quick sale as well.  Over the years we have developed an impressive list of investors, collectors, art dealers and jewelry-lovers who love to get a phone call from us with opportunities to buy.   

Call us for any questions you may have and to get scheduled.  






Now is the best time to consign gold, coins, Rolex watches, guns, designer items, fine art, fine jewelry, cars and other high end merchandise.

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