Banksy Art Values


Fine Art SHARE Banksy is a pseudonymous street artist based in England, famous for his politically-charged and provocative artwork. Banksy’s identity remains anonymous and he has become a global phenomenon, with his work being displayed around the world. Some of his most valuable pieces are considered to be his stencils and murals, some of which […]

Art by Erte


Fine Art SHARE Erte, a pioneer of Art Deco, was a man of many talents, making significant contributions to the world of fashion, theatre, and graphic design. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1892 as Romain de Tirtoff, Erte became an artist, costume designer, and more. Erte is best known for his glamorous illustrations of […]

Bette Lou Voorhis Art

Bette Lou Voorhis

Fine Art SHARE Bette Lou Voorhis was a talented Texas artist who spent her life capturing the natural beauty of Texas landscapes through her paintings. She was born in 1915 in Houston, Texas, and grew up in a family that loved art. Her parents encouraged her to explore her talents, and as a result, she […]

Porfirio Salinas

Porfirio Salinas

Fine Art SHARE Porfirio Salinas was a renowned artist born in 1910 in Bastrop, Texas, to Mexican parents. He is famous for his oil paintings depicting the natural beauty of the Hill Country in Texas. Salinas began painting at a young age, and by the time he was in his thirties, he had established himself […]

What is considered Asian Art?

Asian Art

Fine Art SHARE Asian art is a vast and eclectic category that encompasses the artistic traditions of various regions across the continent of Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia. Generally, Asian art is characterized by intricate detail, symbolism, and a close relationship with nature. However, it is important to note that there […]

Texas Art

Texas Art

Fine Art SHARE Texas art has a rich history and value that has been recognized and appreciated by art enthusiasts around the world. From the early days of indigenous art forms to the modern day installations and exhibitions, Texas has developed a vibrant art scene that has something to offer to everyone. One of the […]

Best Art For Investment

art for investment

Fine Art SHARE Investing in art can be a profitable venture, but not all types of art are created equal when it comes to investment potential. So, what art is best for investment? Here are some factors to consider. First, look for artists with a track record of increasing value. This can include established artists […]

Erte Auction Results


ERTE auction results auction results auction results auction results auction results auction results Our Erte auction of January 1st was, as expected, a grand success. Our next fine art auction is right around the corner. Get a preview Many item sold for over three times the opening bid and key worldwide collectors participated in the […]

Consigning Art

vintage art

Consigning Art and Collectibles Consigning art with a professional with experience in world wide sales is essential.  Other options are trading in your art to a local gallery to select something else, or accepting the highest price you can get in your local area.  Having world wide exposure is the key to obtaining the best […]

Anna Torfs


Anna Torfs Coming up for auction are these amazing works of art by Anna Torfs all of course made by hand with glass blowing, cutting and sanding techniques going back 200 years. A treat for collectors or individuals with refined taste to bring sophistication and drama to any living space. Location: Worldwide Collections: Sinope, Vaza […]





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