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Who Are The Largest Jewelry Collectors?


Jewelry has always been an incredible display of prestige and wealth, and it’s not just us mortals who appreciate it. The world’s billionaires, royals and celebrities have an unmatched love for precious stones and metals.

Starting with a stunning collection that includes over 500 pieces, among which is an Egyptian jewelry collection from the 1920s, is Queen Elizabeth II. The British monarch has amassed a vast number of items over her 60-year reign. In particular, the Queen has numerous tiaras, some of which have been worn by generations of royals.

Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Thani is another significant collector with an impressive collection that consists of rare diamonds, including the world’s fifth-largest pearl. Al-Thani owns 6,000 pieces of jewelry, and he is well known for purchasing rare and historical pieces.

Another impressive collection of jewelry belongs to the wife of the late Aristotle Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She owned some expensive pieces that were from her husband’s dynasty, such as the 40.42-carat Lesotho Promise.

Among the world’s billionaires, Laurence Graff, who is the CEO of Graff Diamonds and worth over $5 billion, has one of the most significant collections of jewelry globally. He owns some of the world’s rarest and most expensive diamonds, including the 603-carat Lesotho Promise.

Joan Rivers, the late comedian, was also known for her impressive collection of jewelry. She had a particular love for brooches, with over 220 of them in her collection, including a stunning diamond bee.

In short, these individuals have some of the most impressive collections of jewelry globally. From royalty to celebrities and billionaires, their collections are a sight to behold and are the definition of luxury and wealth.





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