Top Gun Collectors


Gun collecting is a hobby that continues to grow in popularity as the years go by. While there are countless gun collectors across the globe, only a select few can truly be considered the best in the world. These collectors have amassed collections that are not only incredibly impressive, but also incredibly valuable. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top gun collectors in the world.

First on the list is Jannuzzo Collection, which boasts an incredible array of antique guns and firearms. The collection is owned by Ward Jannuzzo, a former lawyer who gave up his professional career to pursue his passion for collecting guns. Next is the Fjestad Collection, which is owned by S.P. Fjestad. This collection features over 2,000 firearms, including many iconic models that have played a pivotal role in history.

Another notable collector is Dan Shea, who has an incredible collection of World War II firearms. His collection includes everything from German Luger pistols to rare Allied firearms. Next on the list is the Cody Firearms Museum, which is home to one of the largest and most comprehensive gun collections in the world. The museum’s collection includes everything from Old West firearms to modern-day hunting rifles.

The final collector on our list is Michael Stern. Stern’s collection features many rare and unique pieces, including an 18th-century blunderbuss as well as guns owned by notable historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt. Stern is also known for his extensive knowledge on firearms and often serves as a consultant for museums and historic sites.

These collectors may have different tastes and collecting styles, but they all share a passion for firearms and the history behind them. Their collections not only showcase the evolution of guns over time, but also provide valuable insight into the ways in which guns have shaped history. It’s safe to say that these collectors are among the best in the world and have created legacies that will be remembered for generations to come.





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