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Alec Monopoly


Alec Monopoly is a street artist known for his recognizable use of the iconic Monopoly board game character, Rich Uncle Pennybags. Born in New York City in 1986, Monopoly started creating street art at a young age, inspired by the graffiti culture around him. Although he initially used a mask to conceal his identity, Monopoly has since become an internationally recognized figure in the art world with permanent works installed in major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City.

Monopoly’s work often comments on capitalism and consumerism, using the Monopoly character as a symbol of greed and excess. He has also incorporated pop culture references, including the use of Disney characters in his work. Monopoly has collaborated with a number of prominent brands, including TAG Heuer, Philipp Plein, and Cadillac.

In 2017, Monopoly won the Miami Children’s Museum Be a Kid Again Gala’s Celebrity Artist of the Year award. He has also been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions, including Art Basel Miami and Art New York. Monopoly has also appeared on television, making appearances on networks such as CNN, CNBC, and MTV.

In addition to his street art, Monopoly has also worked in mixed media and sculpture. He has created a series of works featuring his signature character, including “Iconic America,” a collection of hand-painted cast resin sculptures that depict famous American landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Hollywood Sign.

Monopoly’s unique style and use of street art as a medium have earned him a following of fans and collectors. His work has been featured in auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, with pieces selling for six-figure sums. Despite his success, Monopoly remains true to his roots as a street artist, often creating pieces in public spaces for all to enjoy.

In conclusion, Alec Monopoly is a talented artist who has made a significant impact on the art world with his unique style and recognizable subject matter. His use of the Monopoly character and commentary on consumerism have resonated with audiences around the world, earning him a dedicated following of fans and collectors. Monopoly continues to create work that challenges viewers and inspires new perspectives on the world around us.





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