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Hans Coper Pottery


Hans Coper is considered one of the most influential potters of the 20th century. Born in Germany in 1920, Coper fled Nazi persecution and settled in London after World War II. There he became associated with the burgeoning Studio Pottery movement, which emphasized ceramic vessels as works of art rather than utilitarian objects.

Coper is known for his abstract and geometric forms that challenged traditional notions of pottery design. He often worked with stoneware and porcelain, and his work was characterized by its smooth surfaces and metallic glazes. Coper’s pottery was highly sought after by collectors and museums, and his legacy has inspired generations of ceramic artists.

One of the values associated with Coper’s work is the importance of experimentation and innovation. Coper was not afraid to challenge the conventions of pottery and embraced new techniques and materials. He also valued the interaction between form and surface, recognizing the ability of texture and glaze to enhance and transform a vessel.

Another value associated with Coper’s pottery is the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Coper was highly skilled in his craft, and his pottery reflects a mastery of form and technique. He also paid careful attention to the finishing and firing of his work, ensuring that each piece was of the highest quality.

Coper’s pottery is also valued for its unique aesthetic. His abstract and geometric forms were unlike anything that had been seen before in pottery, and his use of metallic glazes added an element of shimmer and shine that further set his work apart. Coper’s pottery is often described as elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

Finally, the value of heritage and tradition is also associated with Coper’s pottery. Although he embraced new techniques and materials, Coper also drew on centuries of ceramic tradition and his own cultural heritage in his work. His pottery reflects a deep appreciation for the history and cultural significance of ceramics, and he sought to create vessels that would endure not just as decorative objects but as works of art that spoke to the human experience.

In conclusion, the values associated with Hans Coper’s pottery include experimentation and innovation, craftsmanship and attention to detail, a unique aesthetic, and a deep appreciation for heritage and tradition. These values have had a lasting impact on the art world and continue to inspire ceramic artists today.





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