Collectible Bobbleheads


Collectible bobbleheads have become increasingly popular over the years as collectors seek to add unique and valuable items to their collections. These captivating figurines, also known as nodders, feature a character or famous person with a large head that bobbles when touched.

The value of bobbleheads varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including rarity, condition, and popularity of the character or person represented. Some of the most impressive values in the world of collectible bobbleheads include:

1. Mickey Mantle: One of the most recognized names in baseball history, Mickey Mantle has become a highly sought-after bobblehead for collectors. His bobbleheads from the 1960s can sell for upwards of $10,000, with rare variations fetching even higher prices.

2. Elvis Presley: Elvis fans around the world love to collect memorabilia of the king, and bobbleheads are no exception. The most coveted Elvis bobbleheads are those that were produced during his lifetime and feature the iconic gold lamé suit. These can fetch over $1,000 at auction.

3. Star Wars: The Star Wars universe has a massive following, and as such, bobbleheads featuring characters from the franchise have become quite valuable. One of the most impressive is the original Han Solo and Chewbacca bobbleheads from the 1970s, which can sell for several thousand dollars each.

4. Beatles: Bobbleheads of the fab four have always been a popular collector’s item, but those from the early 1960s are the most valuable. The Beatles’ 1964 appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” is particularly sought-after by collectors, as it was one of their first performances in the US.

5. Political Figures: Finally, bobbleheads featuring influential political figures have also become highly prized by collectors. The most valuable examples include those of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama.

While these are some of the most impressive values in the world of collectible bobbleheads, there are many other unique and valuable examples out there. There are also many newer bobbleheads that have already become highly collectible, such as those featuring characters from modern movies and TV shows.

If you’re interested in starting your own collection of bobbleheads, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, do your research on the value and rarity of any particular bobblehead before making a purchase. You don’t want to overspend on a less valuable item or miss out on a rare find.

Second, consider the condition of the bobblehead. Any damage or wear can greatly affect the value, so it’s important to inspect any potential purchase closely. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional photos or information from the seller if needed.

Finally, make sure to store your bobbleheads properly to ensure they maintain their value. Keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from any potential hazards.

In conclusion, collectible bobbleheads are a fun and unique way to add valuable items to your collection. With a little research and care, you can build an impressive and valuable collection of nods that will delight fans for years to come.





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