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Banksy is a pseudonymous street artist based in England, famous for his politically-charged and provocative artwork. Banksy’s identity remains anonymous and he has become a global phenomenon, with his work being displayed around the world. Some of his most valuable pieces are considered to be his stencils and murals, some of which have fetched millions of dollars at auction.

One of Banksy’s most famous pieces is “Girl with Balloon,” which depicts a young girl reaching toward a heart-shaped balloon. The image has been reproduced on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs, and the original stencil has sold for over $1 million. Another valuable Banksy mural is “Kissing Coppers,” depicting two male police officers embracing, which sold for over $800,000.

“Banksy’s work is characterized not only by its political messages but also by its satirical tone, which often pokes fun at the art world itself. This was illustrated in 2018 with the self-destructing artwork. “Girl With Balloon” was put up for auction at Sotheby’s in London and once the gavel went down, a shredder built within the frame of the work activated and shredded half of the piece. This self-destructive act shocked and amused the world.

Another of Banksy’s iconic stencils focused on the refugee crisis. “Maid in London,” was created in a doorway in 2017 in response to the migrant crisis facing Europe. The piece depicts a maid holding up a heart-shaped balloon that has been shaped like a lifebuoy. It sold for around $500,000 in October 2019.

The “Flower Thrower,” also known as “Love Is In The Air,” or “Rage Flower Thrower,” is another popular Banksy stencil whose original version sold for over $280,000. The mural has a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers like a Molotov cocktail and was created in Bethlehem.

A more recent work that has caused a stir is “Devolved Parliament.” The large mural depicts a group of MPs in the House of Commons, represented by chimpanzees. This piece represents Banksy’s frustration with the political climate surrounding Brexit, and the two-toned room is said to represent the division between the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ voters. It fetched almost $12 million at auction in 2019. It became Banksy’s most expensive work to be sold at auction.

In addition to his physical artwork, Banksy’s street art installations have become collectors items. “Better Out Than In,” a project Banksy put on in New York in 2013, involved him secretly installing murals and other artworks around the city, often in public places. Collectors have bought up the walls and facade of the buildings in which his work was present in order to protect his pieces from being vandalized or painted over.

Many of Banksy’s works have taken on greater value as they have become more relevant over time. His pieces frequently comment on political and social issues that remain relevant, and his work has taken on a new sense of importance during the current COVID-19 pandemic and political movements worldwide.

In conclusion, Banksy’s most valuable pieces are those that carry a strong political message, use stencils, and can be easily reproduced. Banksy has become a global phenomenon due to his anonymity, and his work continues to captivate audiences around the world. Some of his most valuable pieces, such as “Girl with Balloon” and “Kissing Coppers,” have sold for millions of dollars at auction, while his street art installations have become collectors items. Regardless of the price tag, Banksy’s work always carries a powerful and thought-provoking message.





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