What are the most valuable things ever found at an estate sale?


Estate sales can be a treasure trove of unique and valuable items. These sales are typically held when a family or estate needs to liquidate belongings, often due to a move, downsizing, or a loved one passing away. While items at estate sales can vary greatly in value, there have been some notable finds that have fetched high prices at auctions or antique markets.

One of the most valuable things ever found at an estate sale was a Chinese vase that sold for $69 million at auction. The vase was from the Qing Dynasty and was discovered in a box at a house clearance in a London suburb. It was initially expected to sell for only a few thousand pounds but ended up breaking records for the highest price ever achieved for a work of art sold at auction in Europe.

Another valuable item found at an estate sale was a rare and valuable comic book. A copy of Action Comics #1, which is the first appearance of Superman, sold for $3.2 million. The comic was found hidden in a stack of old books at an estate sale in Minnesota. The comic was in excellent condition, which is rare for such an old and sought-after comic book.

Artwork is another category of valuable items often discovered at estate sales. In 2019, a painting by French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin was discovered at an estate sale in Paris. The painting, which had been sitting in someone’s living room for years, sold for roughly $10 million. Similarly, a $5 million painting by American artist Jasper Johns was found at a Connecticut estate sale and sold at auction in 2015.

Jewelry is also a popular item found at estate sales, with rare and valuable pieces fetching high prices. In 2017, a 26-carat diamond ring sold for $2.5 million at an estate sale in California. The ring had been owned by a Hollywood film producer and had been forgotten in a safety deposit box for decades.

While not every estate sale will yield such rare and valuable finds, there are still plenty of unique items to discover. From antique furniture to vintage clothing and collectibles, estate sales can provide a glimpse into history and a chance to own one-of-a-kind pieces.

In conclusion, estate sales can provide an opportunity to acquire valuable and rare items, whether it’s a Chinese vase worth millions or a vintage piece of jewelry. These sales attract collectors, antique dealers, and everyday people looking for unique pieces to add to their collections or homes. While not every sale will have a hidden treasure, the chance of discovering something special is always an exciting prospect, and can make for a fun day of browsing and searching.





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