It is impossible to open any edition of Architectural Digest and not find Asian Inspired art.

We find it represented at our Austin estate sales regularly.

Serene and relaxing.

Balinese and Asian inspired decor is lovely and very relaxing to live in.  It’s no surprise that some of the most expensive estates in Austin and the  surrounding areas are decorated with Balinese and Eastern inspired items.   

Our clients appreciate high style and prudently invest in collectible items that not only look fantastic in their homes, they know that they are making smart investments. Some of these original pieces are museum quality and are extremely rare. 

The simplicity of one piece displayed on its own speaks for itself. Also good Feng Shui as well.  

asian art

It is typical that at our estate sales we fine eastern inspired chairs, sideboards, tables, pottery, accessories, rugs, and more. 

If you are moving, scaling down, or thinking of selling some of your Asian inspired items, make sure and seek the assistance of someone with experience with such treasures. The market for these items is very good right now and collectors are quick to buy art, sculptures, and other fine items.  We also have a market for items that may not be museum quality, so know that we have buyers for everything.   

asian art
Chinese Side Table
asian art
19th Century Barong approx value Wood Sculpture approx value $5000.00
asian art
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Vases approx value $4000.00

Even our clients that do not have Eastern decor throughout their homes, it is would be rare that we don’t find at least one or two pieces that they didn’t realize could carry value.  For instance pots that were made in Vietnam or baskets that were made in Bali.

Having someone in your team that can evaluate items you are not sure about will serve you well whether you just want to sell off a few things or liquidate an entire estate. 

asian art





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