Ever since J Lo started wearing so much Gucci, the brand has really been taken to a whole different level.

One of Gucci’s most sought after long time, classic collections is the Horsebit collection. The first handbag from the Horsebit collection was created in 1955 and following the success of it a host of other styles were produced including bucket bags, totes, wallets, and more. Later the handles of the bags were even shaped into the icon design.

The 1950’s were a grand time for Gucci. It was this time when Guccio Gucci’s son opened the first Gucci store in Milan. It was this same time that the brand rolled out it’s classic green-red-green stripped logo which adorned so many products. Just a few years later is when the first store in the USA was opened in New York.

Of course the Horsebit was inspired by the equestrian world. A true Horsebit is the part of the bridle that goes into the mouth of the horse that enables the rider to guide the horse.  Applying gentle pressure is what controls the horse for speed, direction, of movement.  For city-gals, its the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake all in one.

Today the Horsebit detail can be found on handbags, shoes, fine jewelry, watches coats, and just about everything can Gucci create.


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