Contemporary Art

People use the term contemporary art all the time but often incorrectly.  What exactly is ‘contemporary art’?  Simply put, it’s art created by artists that are living during our time. The mediums include, painting, sculpture, photography, and even film and video that is produced today. The subject matter also often reflects issues of the time but can also include architecture, nature, persons, landscape, and community. 

The jury is still out as to the  beginning of the genre but it is generally accepted that it was in the late 1960’s.  


Contemporary art includes Pop Art. 

Contemporary art is thought to have followed the birth of Pop Art. Artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein most famously known. Their art reflecting on culture and  commercial products. Then  Neo-Pop Art followed in the 1980s with artists such as Jeff Koons, then Chuck Close and Gerhard Richter.


Contemporary art for sale or consignment.

Our recent consignment of contemporary art from our Austin client included Damien Hirst, Benjamin Casiano, Tim Fowler, Sara Berman, Sam Hewitt, Peter Aspell, Chris Morgan, Tom Barron, Jo Jenkins, and Trevor Norris. 

Should you have any contemporary art you are thinking of selling, consider consignment as a method to procure the perfect buyer.  Consignment puts all facets of the sale into the hands of professionals so there is no burden to the seller.  Both private sale, public sale, consignment, and auction are all excellent methods of resale as opposed to trying to sell on your own.  






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