Dealing with the Corona Virus

The Corona Virus effects everyone and every business. Some in worse ways than others. We want everyone to do what it takes to stay healthy and we are doing the same. 

We however continue to operate following all the proper protocols as well as several protocols of our own.

We find that with the ‘stay at home’ mitigation people are starting to clean out closets, drawers, organize, minimize, sort, and re-think their households in general. Some people are moving the furniture around for a change of pace, and considering changes in accessories, art, and alike.

Now is a great time to sell off that cuff link collection, Rolex watch collection, fine jewelry from college that is no longer worn, golf club collection, art glass collection, Disney collections, riffle collection, or even the classic car that you thought you would drive more. 

The staff at All Estate Sales and Auction Company is setting up appointments to assist clients with future estate sales, auctions, and/or consignments. Some of the items that can be sold very quickly are Gold, Silver, Rolex, fine art, fine jewelry, loose diamonds, and designer items such as Cartier, Hermes, Tiffany, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Auction and consignment has become especially attractive to clients during Covid-19 because we will pick up their items and sell them on their behalf without any buyers having to come to their home.  So easy and safe.

If an entire estate sale is necessary, All Estate Sales and Auction Company will get you on the schedule and ultimately preparation for estate for sale. Preparation includes the staff taking inventory, organizing, pricing, and displaying everything in an organized fashion for easy sale. 

Whether your situation calls for immediate sale, auction, or consignment, contact us to get the process started and get scheduled. For your convenience you may also send us pictures of items you are thinking of selling for an estimate of value.      





Now is the best time to consign gold, coins, Rolex watches, guns, designer items, fine art, fine jewelry, cars and other high end merchandise.

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