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All Estate Sales and Auction Company is more than just a typical ‘estate sale’ firm. They also do consignment, auctions, private sales, auctions, public sales, and of course, estate sales.

Often when a client has a special collectible or collection of fine art, fine jewelry, or other specialty items,  they can be marketed seperatly in an enviroment that is more suitable for high end collectors and investors (all around the world). All Estate Sales and Auction Company wants to reach the best and biggest audience, not just the buyers that are the closest.  Whether a buyer half way around the world or in Dallas, it does not matter. When a buyer is on the other side of the globe All Estate Sales and Auction Company still takes care of all the details from recieving payment, shipping, paperwork, insurance, etc.     


Some of the typical brand names of crystal bought and sold by All Estate Sales and Auction Company include: Baccarat, Lilique, Daum, Anna Torfs, Steuben, Waterford, Venini, Kosta Boda, Wedgewood, Moser, and alike. Currently there are buyers seeking the large Baccarat tiger (shown below) and Moser Crystal Galaxy Vase (shown above) so if you have either of these items, you can likely set your own (reasonable) price. Whether your items are new, vintage, or have some wear, we have buyers for designer crystal.  It is not unusal that clients will share the story surrounding their crystal that they wish to sell, it is often a tale of an X-in law or X-spouse. Either way, it is always entertaining and the sellers usually know exactly they are going to do with their newly found cash.    

Whether you represent an estate, are preparing to move and need to scale down, or are just wanting to sell for a host of reason, contact a professional for assistance as having a network of collectors and buyers standing ready could save you a lot of time and bring in the best buyers. Don’t settle for someone in your area, let the world be your audience! 

Bacarrat tiger





Now is the best time to consign gold, coins, Rolex watches, guns, designer items, fine art, fine jewelry, cars and other high end merchandise.

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