Porfirio Salinas

Even Texans with little knowledge of art will know the artist Porfirio Salinas. 

Porfirio Salinas is a world renown artist famous for his desert and Texas landscapes.  His art is loved by american presidents, celebrities, other artists, writers, titans of industry, the rich and famous and alike. 

For the record, and for the few who are not aware, Salinas was borne in 1910 and passed away in 1973. He was one of the first and most famous Texas landscape painters.

Salinas was famously known to be President Lyndon Johnson’s favorite painter. Paintings by Salinas were displayed throughout Washington as well as in government buildings in Texas, including the state capitol, the Governor’s Mansion and multiple museums.

Salinas began painting from a very early age and did not complete any measurable level of eductaion because he left school in order to work in an art supply store. When he was a teen ager he began to met important people in the fine art industry and this created the perfect enviroment for the artist to fine tune is talent. 

The passing of Salinas in April 1973 was a huge loss to the art world and Texas.  It is said that Salinas had created around 250,000 pieces of work over his career. He was most famous for his Country landscapes including the  Texas bluebonnets. The red oak trees and cactus were also one of his signature creations, as well as the Texas Panhandle, and the famous bull fighting in Mexico.



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