Musical Instrument Collections

Often we are approached by an estate or individual that has a collection of musical instruments they would like to sell.  It can be a large collection that was curated over 20-30 years or a lifetime, instruments handed down in an inheritance, or just a piece of two with significance. Either way, our firm can assist in the liquidation of musical instruments.

Types of instruments we handle range from guitars, violins and other string instruments, drums, accordions, and even bells and other melodic accessories. Age ranges are from antique to vintage or new.

Some instruments can be played, but sometimes they can’t or shouldn’t be played. Like with valuable manuscripts, jewels, and important vehicles some instruments should only be handed with gloves and of course that is always our policy as well. This is always true of any type of special artifact. Most musical collections are for investment or to be admired, or both.  They are always however admired for their craftsmanship and engineering. 


Some of the most famous guitars at auction were: David Gilmore of Pink Floyd, Fender Stratocaster sold for almost 4 million dollars in June of 2019. Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Fender Stratocaster sold for 2 million in 1988, and Keith Richards 1959 Les Paul guitar sold for 1 million dollars in 2003. A few guitars of Eric Clapton’s also sold for over a million dollars.

Violins by Gasparo are known to be of great value as there are only about 80 of them still in circulation today.  They currently sell for about $500,000.

It is interesting to know that John Lennon’s Steinway piano sold at auction for 2.1 million dollars in 2000 with cigarette burns ‘n all.  The buyer was musician George Michael. It was on this piano that Lennon write, composed, and recorded “Imagine”.  Since the passing of Michael’s it is not known who owns the piano now. Last seen it was sealed in an acrylic box.  






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