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"The architects of time"

Ebel watches are highly desirable and valuable whether they are new, used, vintage or antique.

Ebel is a swiss watchmaker known for elegance and quality.  Today Ebel offers about 104 different styles of watches for men and women.  Their new chronograph watch was created to provide the newest technology with high style and of course high quality, with no detail overlooked. For example, the hour and minute hands are fully visible in darkness a feature not found on any other Chonograph to date. These new waterproof models also feature a white-painted minutescale, and a red-painted tachymeter. Its hands are diamond-polished and red-painted for the highest level of durability. Waterproof to 100 metres of course.

New Ebel watches range from $2000 to well over $100,000.00.  Ebel watches at resale can range from $1000-$65,000 depending on model, amount of jewels, features and condition. 

ebel watch
Ebel Vauna $65,000.00 resale
Ebel Chronograph $20,000.00
EBEL Calendar Moon $14,500.00
Ebel Moonchic $20,000.00
Ebel Tarawa $25,000.00

Interesting Ebel facts

Ebel was founded by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, husband and wife, in Switzerland in 1911. By combing the first letters of their names is how the name “Ebel” was born.

Their logo is referred to as the Kissing “E” (similar to the Chanel logo of “C’s” with a horizontal line in addition).

EBEL’s brand accelerated in 1977 with their introduction of their Sport Classic line. Some might remember Cindy Crawford as their spokesperson at a later date. 

In 1986, in celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary, EBEL purchased the famous Villa Turque, designed and built by architect Le Corbusier.  The building was then renamed Maison EBEL with the blessing of Le Corbusier. 

Elvis gifted Ebel watches to his friends and colleagues.

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