We all buy collectibles throughout our life whether we realize it or not.   When we are children we collect dolls, toys, action figures, and alike. Mattel hot wheels was one of the biggest collectibles back in the 70’s along with Barbie that is still in production today.

As we get older, the ‘collectibles’ change. For men it can be tools, golf clubs, musical instruments, or sports memorabilia, and for women it can be designer items, jewelry, furnishings, etc. Later in life it turns into art, vehicles, fine jewelry, and more sophisticated items. 

No matter what the financial situation, most everyone has indulged in some type of collection that they have enjoyed over the years. For the very wealthy the collections can turn into museum grade and rare items like limited edition art, sculptures, aircraft, and the finest jewels from around the world.

As life happens, the way we feel about items we’ve collected and cherished over the years can change and that is when the research for resale beings. People sell collections for many reason. They can be scaling down, sending a grandchild to college, just want to sell to “take some some profits”, or new interests bring the desire to collect different things. 

For what ever the reason, we can help in reselling all types of collections as well as single item collectibles. Luxury watches, fine art, vehicles, farm equipment, our specialty but we have seen it all. We buy, sell, consign and auction everything. New, used, vintage, or antique, we have buyers for everything. Need to liquidate 2500 pieces of fine art, no problem…been there done that.    

Left to right. Roy Lichtenstein est value $35000, Verner Paton red chair est value $300, Brass salt and pepper shakers est value $500, Georg Jensen bank est value $200,  Sowden table est value $10,500, 

Hopebird est value $4000, Brazilian chair est value $14,000, Tuti-Fruity table est value $2500, Carved clock est value $17,000, Whimsy wall lamp $7500

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