Michael Parks Fine Art

Michael Parkes was born in October of 1944 in Missouri but lives in Spain. He is best  known for his artwork that depicts fantasy and magic. His primary area of expertise is painting, lithography, and sculpture.

Art by Michael Parkes is easily identified as they are unique to Parks’ sensibility. They often include winged women (angels), beasts, animals, and other characters shown in the light of a fantasy for both good and evil. 

Michael Parks still produces works today with his same signature style in paint and sculptures.

Parks first studied art at the University of Kansas where he became interested and proficient in a very difficult medium known as ‘colour stone lithograph’. He has also produced art as giclée prints and for those not ready to jump into fine art, many of Marks works can be found produced in posters as well.

At one point marks Mark gave up on art and went to India in search of philosophical illumination, a place where he and his wife visit annually.

Our Austin client owned the Marks piece titled “Angel Affair” (above).  It was produced in 2004 and was the cover for the Dutch Fine Arts Magazine.

Selling fine art.

People sell art for a variety of reasons. Peoples taste and decor change, people downsize, and sometimes people just want to ‘take some profits’. For whatever the reason, it’s seldom a good idea to try and sell fine art without the assistance of a professional. For example, senior management at All Estate Sales & Auction Company has contacts around the world for all types of fine art. With AESAC finding the perfect buyer might just be a phone call away. Buyers may be just around the corner or halfway around the world. Either way when you contract with All Estate Sales & Auction Company the transaction is taken care of from start to finish including: valuation, world wide marketing, vetting buyers, arranging payment, shipping and delivery, and all documentation. No one should ever have strangers come to their home to view and discuss art or any transaction unless the buyer is fully vetted for credibility. The last thing you want is to have an incident with someone in your home. 

If you are not crunched for time, consigning art is a great alternative to public or private sale. or auction.  Sometimes having a little extra time can be just what you need in finding the perfect buyer. 





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