People love to search and find all types of imported items at our estate sales...especially from France, England & Italy.

Even if your not an expert with antiques or collectibles, you can still find value in items by shopping geographically. Always keep an eye out for items from France, Italy, and England.

Louis chairs, benches, and tables are a given but French vases, art, accessories, items from the french house Hermes, finials, and anything to do with champagne could be a wise purchase.

English clocks, carving knives, frames & mirrors, scales, sterling silver accessories, cashmere items, anything equestrian, and even english hunting prints could have great value too.

Valuables from Italy will always have high quality, superb craftsmanship, excellent design, and often a big price tag. Cars, clothing, art glass, and leather goods, are the most obvious collectibles, but items made of gold or silver, art, and just about anything handmade will have a good chance of having value if it is in good condition.    


Whether imported items are antique, vintage, or new, they could have far more value than you think. Who would have known that the iron plant stand  above from Sweden is valued at several thousand dollars?  It looks to be a typical item found at a flea market, so this is where research comes in.  Occasionally we hear about someone buying a hockey stick or piece of art from a thrift shop then later it’s discovered to be worth millions.  For this reason alone, contact a professional if you are selling off any parts of your estate.  Whether it be just a few key items or the entire estate, we can assist you in researching your items to insure you receive the current market value. Items handed down from generation to generation should especially be thoroughly and correctly researched.      





Now is the best time to consign gold, coins, Rolex watches, guns, designer items, fine art, fine jewelry, cars and other high end merchandise.

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