vintage posters
Estimate value $850.00

Vintage Posters are gaining in popularity and value.

We see vintage looking posters in model homes, in malls, at art shows, and such, but the original linen backed pieces have been quietly increasing in value and will never go out of style. 

For those who chose the posters over the original vintage pieces, it’s understandable because the posters come in a wide range of sizes and orientation and they are affordable to all, where as the vintage pieces typically have no size options and the prices are reflected in their limited nature. Poster buyers however often spend more on the frame than the poster so once you do the math, the original vintage piece may make made more sense, plus they increase in value.

Most people buy what reminds them of a special time in their lives, but the hard-core collectors buy what is going to increase in value.

vintage posters

All level of art collectors

For example, this Ocean’s 11, original movie poster value is about $2500.00. Typically they will be linen backed, so they are ready for framing. 

This is a favorite amongst poster collectors, lovers of Sinatra, or the 1960’s. The Movie starring Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) and his pals was one of the Rat Packs best films.

On the other hand this E&A MELE NAPOLI LEONETTO CAPPIELLO 1907 (to the right) is valued in the range of $23,000.00. 

It is one of the rarest posters by Leonetto Cappiello done in 1907 for E&A Mele Department Store in Naples Italy. The woman is leaving in her horse drawn carriage after a day of shopping at the store. Chauffeur and footman providing assistance with the packages. Only a few of these pieces are known to exist.


We find that because of the wide array of subject matter, poster collectors are diverse, so no matter what type of vintage posters you may have, we can find you the best buyers. Some of the most popular types of posters are railway and airline posters, propaganda from the 20s and 30s, film posters (some of the most expensive worldwide) and early horror film posters are always highly desired.

If you are interested in collecting vintage posters know that they should be hung behind UV-protective glass and displayed out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.  Keeping any type of art out of direct light is always prudent.  Even art that is not in direct light will eventually fade so chose wisely where any art is displayed.  A dark room with fine artist lighting is always best but most people want to display their favorites pieces in their most lived-in rooms so take everything into consideration.

If not on display, posters should be stored flat.  If this is not possible, they can be stored rolled in a tube. They should still be out of sunlight and heat or humidity.





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