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People contact us regularly wanting to know if we have access to specific items they are seeking. Art, designer items, jewels, and more. See the most popular items that people are waiting to purchase. 

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Whether its resale, consignment, or auction, we have buyers anxious to purchase certain types of items. 

New or used, mint condition or not, we have buyers for everything. 

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Over the past 30 years Texas Estate Sales and Auctions has become the ‘go to’ firm whenever any level of liquidation is needed. Whether it’s an entire estate, an art collection, watch collection, or one special piece of memorabilia, we manage the transaction from beginning to end. That includes research to determine the current market value, professional marketing, applicable negotiation with buyers, accepting and assuring proper payment, release of goods, shipping, and all necessary documentation. We have shipped oversized art across the USA, shipped vehicles to England, and participated in auctions for very important jewels, all on behalf of our clients.  We can be there for you too.

Texas Art

Artists such as Debbie Grayson Lincoln, Kyle Wood, Deran Wright, David Forks, Dawn Waters Baker, V....Vaughan, Laurie Pace, Janice Anderson and Bob Jones, Robin Cheers and alike are always in high demand.





Now is the best time to consign gold, coins, Rolex watches, guns, designer items, fine art, fine jewelry, cars and other high end merchandise.

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