I'm sure Gucci spends millions on advertising each year, but when I hear Gucci I think of J. Lo. But maybe that's their plan?

Either way, I recall one of my favorite dresses being sported by J Lo on the cover of Vogue that was encrusted in various shades of Green gems. To this day I still have the cover as I always enjoy looking at the stunning dress. 

My other two notable interactions with Gucci were more recent.  It was a few days before Christmas, two years ago, and I went shopping to buy myself a holiday treat. In the Gucci boutique I saw a soft Pink suede wallet also encrusted with various jewels, this time in shades of pink.  They wallet was just $595.00 but for some odd reason, I did not buy it, which I later, and still to this day, regret. 

I went back months later and naturally the wallet was gone.  I have searched ebay and every possible resale site and can’t find it.  Turns out it was a special one-time-only issue. Not snatching up the wallet was a big mistake that will follow me for the rest of my life, along with a Blue Star Sapphire ring that I passed on, but that’s a whole different story.   

This past Christmas my sister and I went shopping seeking a holiday gift for her, (from her husband).  We didn’t see anything we liked in Chanel, or Ferragamo, or Hermes, or any of the usual places.  The fur department in Bloomingdales had a few things, but nothing that we loved. 

We wandered into Gucci, and nothing stood out either.  Maybe it’s the season?  Everything seems to be Brown or Maroon whereas in spring and summer, it seems to have more tempting items due to the bright and light colors.

Anway, before leaving the sales person asked if we wanted to see the ‘look book’ for spring and we of course said, “yes”!

Going through page by page, with the sales person’s assistance, finally we saw something that we both loved immediately.  It was a White wool coat with a black boat neck style and black bow. Audrey Hepburn inspired for sure. So lady-like in a sea of gothic other looks.  We loved it and it seemed as though the search for Holiday gift 2018 was over. We gave the sales person our info, and it was win-win for all.  Then I asked if we could have copies of the images to take home and of course they were happy to oblige.  On the way out, I was shuffling through the images, and come to find out, there was a HUGE embroidered squid on the back of the fair coat. I could not believe my eyes. Such a pretty coat from the front was actually a totally different look from behind. Not the look for a refined lady of Austin, but I’m sure someone else with a love for ‘edgy’ will love the unique piece. Years from now, the coat will probably have tripled in value based on what I see from other Gucci items from days gone by. 


Resale estimate $8000
Resale estimate $14,000
Resale estimate $6000
Resale estimate$8000

Gucci has something for everyone. Skull motif, crocodile handbags, backpacks, jeweled accessories, and evening gowns. Many that have tremendous resale value. 

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