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Diamond jewelry is part of almost every estate sale or estate liquidation we have. We see antique, vintage and modern and there is always a story attached to each piece.  It is typical that there are items from when the owner was in their 20’s, from an X husband, or handed down in the family.  All have value, depending on the quality of the diamonds.    

Pave settings

The term pavé  is French and means “to pave”. As a driveway is paved with cement, jewelry is paved with diamonds.

The benefit of pave is that the diamonds are so closely set that all you can see is the stones. It’s difficult to see where one stone starts and another stops so the stones appear larger than they really might be. 

The metal, whether it’s Yellow gold, White gold, or Rose gold, is minimized when the pave technique is used, giving all the focus to the diamonds. When white diamonds are being used in a pave setting, typically white gold would be used because it blends in so well.  When Yellow diamonds are  being used, then Yellow gold would be best. With a loop, or a good eye, the only metal visible would be the tiny metal bumps of gold holding each of the stones in place.  If the diamonds are especially small, it can referred to as a micro-pave.


Prong set diamonds are when diamonds are set by a metal claws that grip the diamond tightly in place. The best example of a prong set diamond is a traditional, solitaire engagement ring, where there is just one single diamond on its own. This setting is beneficial when you want light to strike the diamond from multiple angles, increasing its brilliance and sparkle.

Multiple diamonds can be set with a prong setting too, but if the effect is to cover a large area, usually pave is used.  The downside of prong set diamonds is that it offers less security to the stone, and if not set well, they tend to catch on clothing.

Bezel setting is when the metal is wrapped around the diamond and often under the stone like a cup.  The benefit is that it helps to protect the stone, but it does not allow light to reflect from the bottom and sides.  Jewelers advise they do not like to use bezel settings with soft stones like Emeralds because the stones can break easily.  Not a problem with diamonds as they are so hard. 


If you are thinking of reselling diamond jewelry, or loose diamonds we can assist you in getting the maximum return.  Cleaning your diamonds is crucial in getting the highest return.  If you don’t have any jewelry cleaner, water and dish soap, gently scrubbing your jewelry with a soft toothbrush is the next best thing.  Just be gentle so you don’t loosen the setting.

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