Rolex: The choice of
James Bond and Paul Newman.

Its no wonder Rolex watches are one of our most popular types of sales.

Rolex is a privately held, luxury swiss watchmaker that generates 4.7 billion dollars in retail sales each year.  Forbes even ranked Rolex in the top 100 of the most powerful global brands in the world.

As of late 2018, among the world’s top 10 most expensive watches ever sold at auction, Rolex took three of the spots. Paul Newman’s Rolex is one of the most desired watches at over 17 million dollars.  

With such massive worldwide acclaim and recognition, it’s no wonder people love to buy Rolex watches for both personal use and investment. 

Rolex watch estate sales

There is no question Rolex is the ultimate status symbol. Some high profile people who chose Rolex include Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine,  Elle MacPherson, and of course James Bond.

rolex watch

Interesting Rolex facts

Each Rolex watches takes an average of one year to make.

Rolex makes their own gold because they want to control the quality.

Security is so strict at the Rolex plant, they use fingerprint scanners and iris scanners for all their employees. 

The word "Rolex" means nothing. They wanted a word that was short, looked good, and could be pronounced in any language.

On their Roman numeral dials, Rolex uses IIII rather than IV for symmetry.

Rolex watches work 39,370 feet below sea level.

One of the most popular Rolex styles are the “Date Just”, “Submariner”,  and “Daytona”. Depending on if they are all stainless steel, all gold, or a combination of both, the watches can be affordable for anyone especially if purchased through one of our Texas estate sales.  

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