Native American Collectibles

Native American Collectibles Are Often Found At Our Austin Estate Sales

Of course they are one-of-a-kind items, so each one is always a special treasure.

Many of our Austin estate sales include some type of native american collectibles. The varieties range from antique, vintage, as well as contemporary. 

Some of the contemporary reproductions include all types of beadwork, clothing, baskets, pottery, and alike. Although they are not authentic, people love to buy them for fashion statements or to add to their homes decor.

native american collectibles
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How to spot authentic pottery?

Native American pottery is always in high demand at our estate sales. It is important to know that authentic native american indian pottery is signed by the artist before the piece is fired. If a signature is etched or painted, it may very well be a replica. Luckily, artist’s signatures are often available online so before investing, some time spent on line comparing signatures might be a prudent move.

Many of our clients pieces come with a certificate of authenticity so that is always a big plus.

Typical native american collectibles we offer at our estate sales are, knives, pipes, rugs, moccasins, pottery, beadwork, gloves, jewelry, belts, dance regalia, drums, and alike. Some are museum quality, and some are not. All of our estate sales are unique so check with us often to get an idea of what our upcoming sales will be offering.

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