Bette Lou Voorhis

Our Bette Lou Voorhis Estate Sale Was Win-Win For All!

Our recent Austin estate sale on behalf of Bette Lou Voorhis was a great function for both buyers and seller. 

The selection was outstanding as it was her life’s work. Much was sold but we still have a few originals, prints, and frames available for sale.

Bette Lou worked with some of the biggest names in Texas Art such as  Portofino Salinas, Dalhart Windberg, and G. Harvey. 

About Bette Lou

Bette Lou Voorhis was born 1930. She began her formal training at age thirteen in Minnesota. Once she graduated from high school, Bette Lou started working as a secretary. Eventually she began doing illustrations for the firm, which led to the decision to pursue art.

Once married Bette Lou moved to Richardson, Texas and trained at the Dallas Fine Arts Museum. and ultimately graduated from the Texas School of Fine Arts. 


We all live among the work of Bette Lou and likely don’t even realize it as her work is regularly seen banks, law offices, in the movies, and alike. 

She currently has two locations.  One in Austin Texas and one in Round Rock Texas

If you are interested in purchasing art by Bette Lou Voorhis or have fine art to sell, contact us for information.

Get information about our upcoming estate sale on behalf of Daniel Strait here. 





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