vintage items
vintage barware

Vintage finds at recent Austin Estate Sale

We can confirm, “fun people have fun stuff”. 

This homeowner has a great sense of humor and it was found throughout their estate.

Our recent clients estate included vintage barware, vintage kitchenware, collections, and collectibles all that would make anyone smile or chuckle.

The item that got all the attention was the “Big Cheese” dish.  The whimsical font from days gone by can’t help anyone crack a smile.  Same with the “popcorn set”.  It’s an all glass set that included a main popcorn bowl and 4 smaller bowls all with mid century printing. Both these items were sold at auction for a premium and both buyers and seller were extremely happy with the transaction. The buyer had no problem paying top dollar as they know these are now very likely one-of-a-kind.  I can’t image coming across either of these fantastic items ever again.   

vintage items
vintage items

Vintage Collections

Their collection of salt and pepper shakers and colorful bowls and accessories brought top dollar as well.

vintage items
vintage items

Vintage Barware

This client also had many complete collections of vintage barware.

Frosted vintage glasses from the 1964 World’s Fair,  punch bowl and punch glass set from the World’s Fair, the astronaut series of glassware as well as all kinds of rare and festive barware.  Too much to photograph but you get the idea of what treasures were found at our recent Austin estate sales, and this was just a few cabinets in the kitchen! 


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